Getting to Know the Shadow Government

Finally, my questions have been answered! Have you been wondering why Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice have done diddly squat concerning the monumental deception and fraudulent acts of Hill and Bill? Are you bewildered as to why there has been absolutely no law and order within our government? Are you asking yourself why the most obvious criminals Hill and Bill have been literally getting away with murder? Were you scratching your head wondering what Obama meant when he said he was putting together a civilian army bigger than the military? Obama never did clarify what he meant by his statement. At the time, I believed he meant something like Hitler’s Brown Shirts, or indoctrinating the Boy Scouts to spy on Americans, or even perhaps training them to round up all the patriots in America and herd them off to Fema camps, enforce martial law, or perhaps partnering with United Nations Blue Helmets to ultimately invade and destroy our country.

News Flash!! Obama’s army exposed!  I’m speaking about Obama’s Senior Executive Service (SES), aka Swamp Creatures. SES was established by the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 as an executive branch personnel system. It was not however, intended to be hijacked by Barack Hussein Obama.

On December 1, 2015, an executive order was written by Obama to enhance the effectiveness of the SES.  SES members are saboteurs and must be terminated.  There is only one way to end this corruption and that is for President Trump to write an executive order to first seize all SES assets, then defund all money and finally, eliminate this cancer existing within our government.  Moreover, all SES members should be named, and  prosecuted for  illegal and unconstitutional acts they have committed.

We must ask ourselves why isn’t this mainstream? Well, we know for a fact that the fake news media would never admit to any of these findings even if they did know, which they probably are in the know, and are most probably involved. The fact is that the SES is comprised of 8,156 appointed managers with 7,000 appointed by Obama himself. These Swamp Creatures occupy 75 federal agencies that control the executive bureaucracy. This is the Deep State, an official government program that is well-organized and are very much in control! They control all federal agencies and in my opinion, for this reason Attorney General Jeff Sessions is asleep at the wheel.

If you visit, you will find a 14 page brief summary of federal employees in Senior Executive Service and the agency they occupy.

SES controls power through secrecy and acts with complete impunity. They even have an emblem worn by employees of SES so that they can be easily recognized by one another.

For up to date information, please follow American Intelligence Media.


Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice and his wife Ashley are both SES operatives!

Patriots for Truth

There is a clear and distinct shadow government operating right under our noses.


Get to know Senior Executive Services and urge the president to write them and this entire extra-governmental agency out of existence – the whole illegitimate operation, including Robert Mueller’s witch hunt.

They even fly their own flag as they operate covertly within our government to destroy the foundations of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and law and order. And Obama positioned his troops in a way that they can’t be fired. Just another reason why the entire program needs to be eliminated.

SES flag

Below are documents that you will want to see yourself so that you know we are reporting accurate information.

Executive Order 13714—Strengthening the Senior Executive Service.



Obama Sidestepped all of these transparency disclosure forms for SES employment!!!

Seriously. While Trump appointees and employees are still…

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