Sick And Tired of Leftist Talking Points

It’s unfortunate and an extremely curious phenomenon that Leftists do not have the capacity to think for themselves. Instead, they sop up talking points that are continually regurgitated by Fake news media and spread like a plague to whoever is listening. These talking points are usually vindictive, angry, lies and dishonest propaganda that may even be a more serious problem than the obvious.

Besides the brainwashing techniques commonly used by Fake news conglomerates, these groups operate under mass delusion that may be caused by severe mental illness. They demonstrate having no concept of clear thinking, or any sense of reality.

There is one thing that I have noticed. Leftists now have Donald J. Trump to blame rather than George W. Bush! Trump is the Left’s newest scapegoat as well as their enemy. It is their modus operandi. . . it’s what makes them thrive.

It is almost inconceivable that the loss of an election could generate such a landslide of malicious, destabilized individuals who have the audacity to identify themselves as Americans. Sadly, these followers are the effect of the underlying cause. The cause however, being much deeper than most of these followers realize. They are clueless that they are being manipulated in a monumental fashion all in the name of greed and corruption.

I do know one thing is for certain. Leftist puppets along with their puppet masters (i.e. Obama’s SES, the Clinton cabal, George Soros et al) cannot be allowed to dismantle the u.s. Constitution, or the Republic by inventing their own twisted version of what they believe it should be.

If that is their goal, they will need to find another country to fulfill their crazy ideological needs, or better yet tried for treasonous acts which they have committed time and time again.