Shady Watergate Reporters Target Trump

September 29, 2018 , Mary Fanning and Alan Jones

Carl Bernstein (left), Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (top center), Morton Sobell (bottom center), and Bob Woodward (right)

FBI Surveilled Bernstein’s Communist Parents For 35 Years; Tied To Rosenberg-Sobell Soviet Atomic Spies; Blumenthal: Woodward Is An “FBI Asset”

Imagine a replay of Watergate –only worse.

In both the original and the replay, the same Washington D.C. reporter, whose parents were Communist Party members connected to Soviet atomic spies and who were under FBI surveillance for decades, teamed up with the same second D.C. reporter, who was outed as an “FBI asset,” to take down a sitting Republican President of the United States.

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