A Deep Analysis Of The wrongful Death Of LaVoy Finicum, Continued

The Mental Millitia is deeply grateful to Curt Kruse for offering the following video for publication.  This makes the fifth deep analysis video of various factors in the wrongful death of LaVoy Finicum, who was murdered by the Oregon State Police with assistance by the FBI in Oregon in January 2016.

In this video Curt Kruse looks into the fact that LaVoy was murdered while both his hands were in the air in gesture of compliance and surrender. His hands clearly held no weapon. Curt Kruse felt that this video was necessary in light of the fact that the government continues its attempts to justify murdering LaVoy.


A Note From Elias —

May we all remain calm as we contemplate the ultimate meaning so meticulously presented in the above video. We at The Mental Militia recommend focusing our mental states on the joyful properties of Love’s Thought System. Love’s Thought System includes an understanding of the necessity of Forgiveness. The trigger-happy enforcement officers who did the deed had been trained psychologically to see Americans who would redress grievances to their government as “The Bad Guys”. It is now apparent that all officers involved, and their superior officers, were involved in an “operation”. We can know that because at least five patrol cars were waiting for LaVoy to drive up that highway. Further, a road block by Oregon State Police and the FBI’s dreaded HRT sniper team had already been in place well before LaVoy started his trip. The five patrol cars were in radio contact with the FBI/OSP roadblock officers. Two aerial camera were circling over the area, one higher than the other.  This was no “traffic stop”. There also was no Fourth Amendment “Probable Cause”. No warrants had been issued for any of the people in the two vehicles enroute to meet the Sheriff of the next County up that road. No traffic laws were broken as justified cause to pull them over. We know that because no one was issued a traffic ticket at the first stop by the five or more squad cars. This tremendous police power was pre-ordained as an enforcement “operation”. Were “rules of engagement” given officers prior to the encounter with LaVoy?

A mindset had been inserted into the officers’ heads by officials who set policy in government institutions. Those officials are political puppets of an ideology which I call “Statism”. Their training policy for modern-day police work (which includes input from the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Department of Homeland Security) is used to reinforce government’s claim to have a right to use force against dissenting U.S. citizens.

The name for that phenomenon is “Tyranny”. It rode in on a centralized two-party system named Democrats and Republicans, and it has hypnotized our national perception with the use of televisions in our homes and mass-media in our public lives.

The officers who murdered LaVoy will be protected by the Statist system, but will for the rest of their lives question why the government system deceived them into thinking LaVoy was some kind of criminal who deserved to be shot on sight. The officials who sent the officers to do the deed have a serious exposure to legal liability for their role. Who, for instance, authorized five patrol cars to await the approach of LaVoy, knowing he would be driving up that highway? Who ordered the FBI to be involved in a quote/unquote “traffic stop”? Who called LaVoy’s message of property rights and States’ rights “A Virus”?

Which Governor insisted that the FBI not allow that “Virus” to spread? Who at DOJ in Wshington D.C. condoned the use of HRT snipers to subdue protestors who had no warrants, had threatened no one, were family men and conscientious Constitutional citizens, and had no criminal records? Who as head of the FBI agreed with the Governor’s request that the FBI put a stop to the Finicum/Bundy message and do so quickly? Who at Oregon State Police complied with the politicians and allowed OSP to participate in an unlawful assault on two vehicles traveling legally and lawfully up a public highway?

Who decided to call the precursor to the ambush a “lawful traffic stop”? If it was a traffic stop, then why did no cops write any traffic tickets? The answer to that and many similar questions will come to the surface, just as Curt Kruse has analytically examined the fact that LaVoy had been shot at six times before the cop hit him with a non-lethal round and the OSP pumped three fatal bullets into LaVoy’s back as he reeled from being hit with that non-lethal round. Who authorized that one cop at the initial stop to shoot at LaVoy’s truck as it was stopped? Who authorized the FBI to shoot at LaVoy twice as he stepped out of his truck with his hands up in the air?

I contemplate this undeniable fact — LaVoy was shot at at the stop, and he did not “reach for a gun”. He drove away, only to encounter a roadblock. Men at the roadblock shot three bullets into the front of his truck as he swerved into the snow to avoid hitting the road block vehicles. LaVoy did not reach for a gun at that time either.  Then LaVoy was shot at twice as he stepped out of his truck with his empty hands raised  high in the air. LaVoy did not “reach for a gun” even then, but continued to walk away from the truck without reaching for a gun.  That is a total of six shots fired at LaVoy and not once during those six shots did LaVoy “reach for a gun”.

The seventh time LaVoy was shot at was the first time a round hit him. That seventh shot was a non-lethal bullet which hit him while his hand were up in the air. That round caused him to reach for his side where the round struck him. Even though LaVoy reached for his side where he had been shot, he quickly brought his hands back up and there was no gun in either hand.

The verosity of what I just noted is beyond debate. It is on the record for all to see, and it is now clarified very well by Curt Kruse’s video above.

As Harry Reid noted about another incident in which the government embarrassed itself while tormenting an innocent rancher family and costing taxpayers millions of dollars, “This is not over.”

The above video tunes the viewer’s mind to the truth and away from the propaganda being belched forth from the fearful bellies of corrupted Statist conspirators — such as those who sent FBI and Oregon State Police to ambush good cowboys who were on their way to join the Sheriff of the next county up the road for a public meeting in which several hundred citizens were gathered to hear LaVoy.

I am meditating here on Love’s Thought System and seeking spiritual empowerment that will help me remember the inherent purpose of Forgiveness. I am calm, but I also am aware and awake to realities which are not blocked by the presence of a television in my home. Let us be calm; but let us remain moral human beings. Let us also be aware of the significance of every detail surrounding the assassination of LaVoy Finicum. Love lives in the human conscience. Let’s use it for peace and for justice, for the good of mankind. Let us correct the errors of politically motivated law enforcement. Let us spread the truth to our neighbors, friends, and families. Let us do so in “Love’s Thought System”. Let us forgive as we also correct, and in so doing, let us seek justice demanding our wayward government to make whole the Finicum family which has been un-necessarily deprived of husband and father.


Elias Alias

LaVoy’s daughters speak out: