A Conference That Will Never End!

October 17, 2018,

The Mental Militia

Elias Alias

Above photo: Jeanette Finicum at This West Is Our West‘s “New Code Of The West” Conference

Constitutional Governance and Personal Freedom Triumph at Whitefish Montana Conference!

“This West Is Our West” Organization Stands Victorious!

A wide range of topics were addressed at the “New Code Of The West” conference in Whitefish, Montana, on Saturday October 13 2018. Those topics included personal property rights, government controlled water rights, States’ rights, voter fraud, federal over-reach within the States, wildfire damage reports, the upcoming Finicum wrongful death lawsuit, and three types of jurisdiction plus more topics which were discussed by qualified experts.

Various media journalists covered the conference and got an earful. Speakers included Mark Herr of Center For Self-Governance, Washington State Representative Matt Shea, The New American Magazine’s Alex Newman, book author Elaine Willman, rancher Jeanette Finicum, author and museum owner Christopher Kortlander, Mark Sutherland of Creative Hub Productions,  attorney Norman Semanko, Montana Representative Kerry White, Ammon Bundy, and the gentleman who knows and connects them all, Dan Happel of Connecting The Dots With Dan Happel radio show.

Dan Happel, pictured above, was the Master of Ceremonies for the conference. Dan’s radio show is titled “Connecting The Dots With Dan Happel”. Enjoy his website’s archives 


The conference opened with a screening of the first part of a documentary series  on the Bundy Ranch, the Burns, Oregon protests culminating in the LaVoy Finicum assassination, and will move through the trial of FBI agent Astarita who was indicted and tried in Federal court for lying about some of the shots fired at LaVoy. Another segment of the series will focus on Jeanette Finicum’s wrongful-death lawsuit. Part One of this series was impressive and stirring for conference attendees. It featured much footage of Jeanette Finicum herself and gave a more personalized look into the lives of the Finicum family.

The film was powerfully put together by Mark Herr and his crew at the Center For Self Governance . Go ahead and click that link and look into Mark’s operation. And be sure to support his work in composing/creating what will likely be the finest documentary about rural America’s struggle to put the Federal government back into the tight little corral of limited and enumerated powers which the Founders authorized for it when drafting the Constitution.

Photo — Jeanette Finicum and Mark Herr being interviewed by Shari Dovale of Redoubt News

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